How We Are Sustainable

sustainable 1*All fish waste will be recycled as fertilizer for our fruit orchards and greenhouses

Sustainable 2*Storm water runoff from our building roofs and paved areas will be captured for reuse in aquaculture operations. All other storm water on the site will be redirected away from storm drains, thereby removing 2.5 mil. gallons annually from city sewers

Sustainable 3

*In a partnership with Urban Shepherds, sheep will graze on our property to “mow the lawn” and reduce our carbon footprint, and in turn provide another source of fertilizer for our growing operations

Sustainable 4

*95% of all water used in our indoor fish farm will be recycled daily

Sustainable 5

*We will geothermally “harvest” waste heat generated by computer servers in our proposed Data Center to provide energy to our other onsite buildings

What Others Say

Sustainable 7

*Monterey Bay Aquarium has given our fish farming process its highest rating, a green light destination, as a sustainable way of raising fish

Sustainable 8

*Local chefs and restaurateurs have endorsed our fish farm as a preferred source of locavore food

Sustainable 9

*Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is considering a $250,000 grant to spur development of our onsite storm water runoff recycling system